Daikin Approved Heat Pump Installers

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Daikin Approved Heat Pump Installers
Energy by Nature UK Ltd.

At Energy by Nature UK Ltd. We are proud to call ourselves Daikin approved heat pump installers! We have installed a varied range of the Dakin Altherma Low and High Temperature Split products. Such as, the smaller 4kW systems to the larger 16kW systems. As service partners for Daikin UK we work with all of their air to water heat pump range and have in- depth knowledge of their products.

Daikin Air Source Heat Pump


Daikin Altherma Heat Pumps

The Daikin  Altherma range consists of both high and low temperature air source heat pumps. All of the air source heat pumps in the Altherma range are MCS approved. Therefore, are eligible for the renewable heat incentive.

At Energy by Nature UK Ltd. We most commonly install and maintain Daikin’s low temperature split system. A split system means that the refrigeration circuit is extended into the property and received by an indoor unit.

Split Systems have a number of advantages as follows:

  • We can locate the outdoor unit up to 50m away from the indoor unit.
  • Heat losses are minimized as there is no water being pumped to the outdoor unit.
  • They have a higher input to output ratio (COP) than there monobloc counterparts.

They are capable of delivering up to temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius of heated water. This is used for both domestic hot water use and heating.

The output sizes of their equipment range from a 4kW single fan unit for use in small well insulated properties, to larger 16kW twin fan units for larger heat loads.

Also they come as standard with one the most end user friendly controllers on the market.

If you are looking for a renewable heating solution for an older or listed property. Daikin’s High Temperature Split could be the most ideal solution on the market for you.

They are capable of delivering temperatures of up to 80 degrees Celsius. Therefore, they are ideal for high heat loss buildings and will work effectively with existing conventional heating systems.

This compatibility makes the high temperature system an ideal solution for replacing oil and LPG systems for a more economical and environmentally friendlier system.